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Studio 53 Art Community Fundraiser

Help us restore this historic building while also building an art community accessible to all. We believe artistic pursuit is a right, not a privilege. Read more.

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Campaign Details

The mission of Studio 53 is to bring arts to the Community through donation-only based classes. In a day in age when art classes and arts programs are being cut, and teachers have to go further and further into their own pockets to provide materials and the costs of private art study always climbing, we are here to be a voice. Studio 53 will be the alternative and a space for those with a desire to expand their artistic pursuits and exposure to the arts. 

We believe art is a right, not a privilege, and should be accessible to all despite economic background and resources. We believe that a spark of imagination can help change not only an individual's world but the world we live in.

Your Donation

Monies raised will help us restore, rebuild, and preserve one of the oldest buildings in Cooperstown. The building needs both interior and exterior renovations (including roof repair). In addition to funding the building itself, contributions will go towards building studio space, classrooms, necessary supplies for teachers and students, and arts programs. The entire project cost is estimated to be $300,000, but we are looking to raise $75,000 online and the remaining capital through fundraising events, grants, patrons, and board members, etc.





Providing a space for art and cultural exploration to the COMMUNITY is the only goal of Studio 53. Our core values drive our constant pursuit of a space in the COMMUNITY that allows all individuals to discover or expand upon their artistic pursuits.

Communicate in a positive, honest, and productive manner within the organization and with our public.

Infuse a culture of gratitude throughout our organization and to all who might contribute to our success.

Promote inclusiveness and impartiality in programming and services offered to the COMMUNITY.

Implement unique, creative, and cost-effective solutions that advance our service to the COMMUNITY.

Adhere to the highest standards of ethics, stewardship and public trust, internally and externally.

Personal Responsibility 
Become part of the solution by assuming personal responsibility for organizational effectiveness. Take the initiative to achieve results and accept accountability.

Demonstrate a high regard for others and value the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

Promote high performance through cooperative efforts, open communication, collective action, and trust. Celebrate the contributions made from all levels and partners of the COMMUNITY.
53 Pioneer History

Not only are we focused on the future, but we also have a strong need and obligation to protect the past. 53 Pioneer Street is one of the oldest buildings in Cooperstown, New York having survived the great April 10th Fire of 1862 that burned most of the Main Street District but stopped just across the street, sparing it from the flame.
The building is home to two hundred years of stories and experiences that are extraordinary and familiar and carry resonance to this day. Preserving this building to allow new stories to be made will contribute to its remarkable history and Cooperstown's extraordinary legacy.

Please consider contributing to our campaign and help us preserve history while creating a new future — brick by brick. 


Studio 53

About the Organization

Studio 53 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that embodies the belief that the arts hold transformative potential both on an individual and COMMUNITY scale. Studio 53 seeks to elevate the social culture of our COMMUNITY, empowering citizens to bridge borders through participation, intellectual exploration and leadership development of the arts. Studio 53 aims to develop collaborative programming with local artists and community members.

53 Pioneer Street
Cooperstown , New York 13326

EIN: 47-4676429



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