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We urgently need your help!

About six weeks ago, one of our volunteers too in a family crises case with two bloodhounds, a male, Tank, and a female, Piper.  The family was hoping it would be a temporary situation but had to surrendoer the two bloodhounds.   Last week, our foster noticed the female's teats were getting bigger.  Thinking it maybe a false pregnancy, the foster took to the vet to be possibly spayed only to find out that Piper was not only pregnant, but going into labor.  The very next day, a singleton puppy was born.  He is healthy and thriving well.  (Please no judgement or negative comments.  Our main focus is on the dogs and giving them the best lives).

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Campaign Details

Having a litter is a huge financial burden for rescue regardless of whether it is a single puppy or a litter of 12 puppies.   We had to buy a whelping box, puppy supplies, grinder for food, a scale to weigh the puppy, a puppy gate, amongst other supplies.   The puppy will need vet care as well as the parents.  

Unfortunately, rescue funds are low and we need help not only with the costs, we need a name for this little Nugget!.  His personality is already showing strong and he is quite the crooner.  For every $10 you donate, you can submit a suggestion for his name!   You can also give in increments of $10 and provide more names.  (For example, if you gave a $100 donation, you can submit 10 names!).  At the end of the donation period, all of your votes will be counted and a name will be determined.  For example, Mr. Smith has sent in a $120 donation and has the opportunity to suppy 12 names.  

ALSO - we have a great piece of artwork and for everyone who donates, you will be entered into a drawing for this nice piece featuring bloodhounds.  

Breakdown of Costs:

Estimated Total Costs - $3000

Spay for mom - $500

Spay for dad - $500

Puppy wellness for the next 16 or so weeks - $500

Puppy Supplies  - $850 (Beds, pee pads, toys, gates, bottles, goats milk)

Neuter for puppy - $500

Dog food for all - $150 or plus

We are still assessing mom and dad's situation and of course “Nugget” will not be available for adoption for several weeks. We appreciate any help with their care and expenses.

West Coast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc.

About the Organization

West Coast Bloodhound Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer based organization. Our mission as a rescue is to help bloodhounds in need with the end goal of pairing them with their perfect forever home. ​We are a specialized breed specific rescue intended mainly for bloodhounds, but we occasionally assist bloodhound mixes. Bloodhounds are not a common breed and have very different needs compared to the more common dog breeds.

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