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Thank you for helping us replenish our medical fund in our GivingGrid fundraiser to help Valentina, an abused dog, and others that will come our way. Valentina was found alongside a road on February 5. She was freezing, emaciated and had wounds on her head. She has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and anaplasmosis, both tick-borne diseases. She is now being treated for these diseases. You can still donate to our Medical Fund.  Thank you!

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Campaign Details

In 2016, Pets Alive saved over 600 companion animals, many from life-threatening situations, and we spent over $90,000 in medical expenses. 2017 is shaping up to be a similar year with medical needs for so many animals. One of our most recent rescues is Valentina, a stray dog that we just took in on February 6. She was found on the side of the road, emaciated, covered in feces, small wounds on her head - and subjected to the freezing cold weather. It's hard to say if she would have lasted another night in the cold - or if she wouldn't have gotten hit by a car had she not been rescued. She is the sweetest dog ever, just wanting some love and attention, but she was abused and cast out into the cold by whoever owned her.

We did extensive testing to determine if she had any illnesses. She has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and anaplasmosis, both tick-borne diseases. She is now being treated for both of these diseases and she's on 4 feedings a day of nutrient-rich food to help her gain weight.

You can read a more in-depth story about her rescue HERE.

Pets Alive is a no kill animal sanctuary located on 80 acres in Middletown, NY. We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission to improve the lives of dogs, cats and farm animals in need by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education. It is through private donations from generous people and organizations that we are able to further our mission.

We desperately need to continually replenish our Medical Fund to enable us to help more animals like Valentina that are in need. We no sooner "recoup" from one rescue, when another comes along. Won't you make a gift now to help Valentina and the others?

Pictured here are photos of Valentina, shortly after she was rescued in early February, as she's being examined my our veterinarian, Dr. Joseph D'Abbraccio, her transport to and arrival at Pets Alive, a video and pictures of her in our play yard.  She loves fetching her toys and is a very happy dog despite her abuse.

Thank you so very much - and do share this GivingGrid with friends and family!

Thank you to Valen Kester of Nevalnyn Photography for the recent photographs of Valentina in the play yard.

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