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One of the biggest expense for any horse rescue is paying for the hay needed to keep their horses happy & healthy.  It is no different for PARR. We spend on average 50 dollars a day just on hay costs alone (we go through between 8 and 10 bales a day).  Join PARR's "Bale" fund and for every 5 dollars you donate PARR gets a bale of hay.  Plus get a cool bracelet to remind you and everyone that YOU cared enough to help provide "Bale" for our horses.

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Let's come together to help "Make Bale" for PARR and our Horses!

Thank You Gifts

"Bale" Fund Bracelet

For a donation of $10 or more.

This lovely accessory will remind you and everyone who asks about it how YOU cared enough to provide "Bale" for our horses!!!

Number Available: Unlimited

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The $15,000 goal that is set here represents what it costs us at PARR for hay over a 1 year period.  There is no time limit on this giving grid or fund drive as the more donations we get over time the more hay we can provide for our horses.  This will allow us to focus on monetary resources on other things such as much needed medical care for cases that we take in.  

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