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It's amazing Melody is even alive. Arriving as a stray with her 5 young pups, she literally gave EVERYTHING she had to keep them fed and breathing.  Today, Melody is slowly adding on weight and is looking forward to her better times ahead.  Her heart is loaded with worms but if we get her treated, a rescue will pull her along with her 5 pups.  $285 will cover her bill and send her off to a new life! Is she worth it?  Please give to help save her!

  • Raised: $325
  • Goal: $285

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Thank you so much for giving and making a real difference in Melody's life.

    This incredible, hard working mom arrived as a stray with her tiny pups in tow and honestly,  it's amazing they even survived.  Melody's life changed instantaneously when she walked into our office.  A mother/daughter team saw her and immediately offered to take the whole family home for fostering.   As fragile and vulnerable as Melody was, staying at a high intake/busy shelter was simply no place for her to regain her health. 

    Next step for Melody was to find a long term option for her and her pups.  This is where YOUR GIFT came into play.  THANK YOU!  Thanks to your generosity,  we now have the funds needed for Melody to have heartworm treatment once she is strong and healthy enough.  Her rescue agreed to help the pups and mom but simply needed help with her more advanced medical needs. 

    It will be many weeks before Melody embarks on her new life but at least thanks to YOUR SUPPORT, she has an exciting option to look forward to.  Thank you for being such a key part of her rescue success story!! 





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