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  Thank you so very much to all the wonderful friends and family who have so generously contributed to Taryn's fundraising campaign! We are humbled and awed by the overwhelming response of support. Each and every one of your photos and comments mean so much to Taryn, and are an important source of positive motivation. Thank you!!

  The journey continues onward, and we welcome your continued support and prayers. Read on below:



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**Update 2.10.2019**     

   Taryn continues to focus each day on wellness and recovery. Some days are better than others. She has a nearly constant battles with pain that is the biggest drain to her energy and spirit. However, the continued outpouring of support from the local and global community provides a priceless force of support and motivation to Taryn as she focuses on rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.  

  Taryn and Scott plan to share a personal message, in the coming days, with this tribe of supporters that mean so much to our family and this communal effort toward healing. 

Thank you again to everyone who has shared so many blessings with our beautiful Taryn.

Much love to you all.




Our beloved Taryn is sick.

We need your help.

Few people are aware of the many trials that Taryn and Scott have endured in the past year. Being such strong and naturally independent people, they have largely born the difficulties of their burden alone.

The time has come to share their story with the broader community:

     The birth of Taryn and Scott’s son, Aiden, was filled with immense joy at the magic of his arrival. The event also brought physical challenges, some of which have persisted and morphed to ever greater difficulties. During Aiden’s delivery, a mass was discovered behind the uterus. It was diagnosed as a benign fibroid induced by the naturally elevated hormones of pregnancy.

For several months the situation was closely monitored.

Soon Taryn began to develop chronic pelvic pain.  

       Surgery was scheduled for mid October 2018 to remove the mass. Prior to the scheduled date of surgery, Taryn visited the ER in Eugene to seek medical attention for extreme abdominal pain. Emergency surgery was subsequently performed, and the object previously assumed to be a fibroid was removed. Pathologic analysis later determined this mass to be cancerous.

     The diagnosis is that Taryn has ovarian cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment, and is working with the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and with the Mederi Center to craft a multi-faceted treatment regime. The Mederi Center is a naturopathic cancer research foundation that creates customized and integrated patient treatment plans. Taryn follows a strategic diet, receives regular acupuncture, and utilizes a tailored herbal regime to create an unfavorable environment for the cancer while strengthening her body’s own immune response. Chemotherapy was recently started, and will continue for 18 weeks, followed with a maintenance program for 22 additional weeks.

     The financial burden that accompanies this tragedy is significant. Since Aiden’s birth in March, over $300,000 in medical expenses have stacked up (what insurance has been billed). While insurance has thus far been cooperative, the impact of deductibles, copayments, and non-covered treatments, such as the Mederi Center, are proving terribly expensive.

     Friends, we need your help to build a strong vessel of community to hold them in love, peace, positivity, and prayer! Please join this web of support around Taryn and Scott as they navigate her journey to complete healing and freedom from ovarian cancer. Every donation helps make her individualized treatment plan possible and energetically buoys Taryn’s strength and morale!

     If you do decide to donate, please upload a PHOTO OF YOU (perhaps with Taryn and/or Scott)in the Giving Grid quilt to create an inspiring mosaic of the community support. The visual collection of Taryn’s many proponents is a powerful healing motivation in itself.

Please share this widely through your social networks and contacts!

Thank you for joining in support and love for Taryn, Scott, and little Aiden.


The volume of calls/texts can be overwhelming, please consider sharing your support via the written word, donate here, join the meal-train, and pray!

Your love and support is very much appreciated!!

Updates will be posted here as the family is able.

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