Five Dollar Friday for Clementine!

 Clementine is a special cat who came to us though Whatcom Humane Society needing special care. Our of our great fosters volunteers took her in and we are caring for her now. 

Please read her story and help fund her treatments.

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Have you met sweet Clementine yet?

We introduced you to her recently and now we’re highlighting her story for this months $5 Friday Giving Grid! When the Humane Society contacted us to help with this precious girl, we took one look at her picture and knew we would move mountains if that’s what it took. They let us know that she is perfect in every way except for a thyroid condition that was difficult to manage. Since coming into our care, Clem has gone through extensive testing and treatment including having her thyroid irradiated to get that pesky gland to stop wreaking havoc! We have also discovered that she is quite visually impaired but that does not slow her down!This is likely not related to her hyperthyroidism but just adds to her extra-specialness.

If you would like to help fund Clementine’s treatments (so far totaling into the thousands of $), please select a square to be featured on our giving grid! Clem sends out a huge heart to all who contribute towards her care and getting her that much closer to being adoption ready!

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