Abby's Heart Fund

We urgently need your help!

Abby just recently had pups and her person dropped her at the shelter.  Her pups did not come with her and our heart breaks for her.  She is at her lowest point RIGHT NOW but we have a rescue who will pull her and give her a new life.   She only needs $225 to cover her heartworm bill and she will be safe.  Please won't you donate and give Abby this happily ever after?  She deserves a chance at a new life.   $225 will cover her bill. 

  • Raised: $229
  • Goal: $225

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Abby is a lucky lady because she is feeling your love and knows that a new life is just around the corner for her thanks to your gift! 

    Folks were heartbroken to see this sweet girl arrive at the shelter clearly in a state of nursing but yet her owner did not bring in any of her puppies. From what we know, they were "given away."   Thanks to your help, she will treated for worms and will leave town to head north to begin her new life.

    Life was grim for Abby just days ago but now she has her second chance.  Thank you for caring enough to give and literally change her life!




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