Urgent help needed for Pixie!

Pixie has a brain abnormality. She was born with the condition and it is incurable. Her brand new family has incurred all initial cost to get her treated and started on her life long meds. We want to help our new adopters out as much as possible to ensure Pixie has a good, happy and healthy (as much as possible) life.

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Update from Pixie's people: Yesterday, she was diagnosed with a congenital brain defect called Lissencephaly (a.k.a. Smooth Brain). While canine and human brains have folds, ridges, and lines across their surface, Pixie's brain is completely smooth without any folds or indentations. As a result, she will have seizures for the rest of her life, and they will increase in frequency as she grows older. She will also have to be on Anti-convulsive medications for the rest of her life, to attempt to prevent these seizures. She is only expected to life half of her expected life span. However, Pixie has rebounded from this week's seizures well, and is back to being her puppy self again, minus the side effects of the medications. Hopefully, we can offer some more information soon on some more help she can get.

Pixie is on a long and expensive road. Over the last two days, she has suffered several major seizures. Besides being incredibly scary to witness, the root cause is exceptionally pricey to diagnose. As hard-working, compassionate pet owners, you can imagine staring down a bill for a spinal tap, MRI and neurological tests while your pet is being cared for at the Emergency ER. 

Ruff Rescue would like to ask for you generosity. Any amount you can contribute to sweet Pixie’s care helps ease the financial pain and lets the family focus on caring for their pup.

Much love and support to the Ready family – from the Ruff family of supporters. 
Your donation is tax deductible.

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