Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Betty White was a true lover of animals and a champion of animal rights. In honor of what would have been her 101st birthday (January 17th), we are raising funds to support current and future Peppertree dogs in need.  Any donation, big or small, is truly appreciated.

The funds you help us raise will help pay for things like their ongoing medical care, food, treats, blankets, beds and toys. Our average cost per dog is over $1,000. With your help, we'd be that much closer to saving another dog. Maybe you can even share with your friends!

Who are you helping?

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We love Peppertree's supporters for always helping!

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Who are you helping?

Alicia - This spunky girl enjoys binge-watching Netflix, road trips and daily bouts of silliness.

Beyoncé - This 10-lb senior is looking for quiet place to retire. She doesn’t need much, just a comfortable spot to nap and all the cuddles you can give her.

Jayne - This happy, tail-wagging, chubby bundle of love is perfect for a family with a school age child or children.

Kira - Speak kindly to this smart, affectionate girl and she will roll over on her back and wiggle around to show you how happy she is.

Maximus - Need the latest update? Maximus has it! His favorite things in life include staying close to his people and alerting them whenever he sees or hears someone new.

Pirate - Pirate has a lot of special needs because of a stroke he had at just 3 years old.  He is being kept happy and healthy in foster care while he waits for the perfect forever home.

Skittles - This young girl is an active, extremely snuggly and devoted pup whose top priority is to be with her person.


Thank you for supporting Peppertree Rescue! 

Peppertree Rescue, Inc.

About the Organization

Peppertree Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to saving Golden Retrievers and dogs of good temperament. We help dogs regardless of age, breed, or health - we focus on finding great dogs great homes. Our dogs are in foster homes where they are socialized, neutered, vaccinated, and receive medical care until they find their homes.

PO Box 2396
Albany, NY 12220
United States

EIN: 14-809956



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