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Urgent help needed for Bill, Fred, and more!

Recently we have taken on a few animals with extraordinary medical needs.  On top of our regular spay/neuter & basic medical cost (over $6000 a month) - we incur extra cost when we take in animals who need a little more than the basic "works."  In order to continue our mission, we need help from our supporters! We need donations to continue to help these animals in need and continue to save and help as many as we can! Please help us, help them.

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  • Raised: $1,073
  • Goal: $1,000

Campaign Details

Meet Fred! Fred needs you to help him with his new beginning! Fred came to Paws and Prayers underweight, suffering from major hair loss, and has massive tumor in his testicular area. He also has a cyst on his side and upper lip. At 10 years old, there is still hope for Fred! He needs surgery to remove the tumor and cysts, extensive blood work to make sure he is healthy enough for surgery, x-rays to examine the potential cancer and a lot of TLC.

Please consider donating to Fred's care. As for adoption, it will be some time before Fred is available. He is in foster care currently, getting all the care and love he deserves. Can you help Fred?

Meet Bill! When Bill came to Paws and Prayers he had a severe upper respiratory infection, severe dehydration, un-neutered, had a heart murmur, horrible teeth and underweight.  Bill needed an expensive dental and gingival hyperplasia surgery, as well as his neuter.  Before surgery, Bill was on antibiotics and a strict diet to help him get healthy enough for surgery.  Bill is still on the mend and receiving a lot of TLC and yummy food in foster care to help him gain weight (he's gained 5 pounds so far!).  We need help paying for Bill's surgery! 

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