Charles chooses LIFE

Urgent help needed for Charles!

A hound in a loving foster home stops eating & drinking. at 10 yrs, we all worry. The next 48 hours was life or death, decisions had to be made quickly. From clean blood work to emergency hospitalization, 7 days of IV, force feeding, ultrasound and ultimately surgery! The odds were not good, but we had to act fast.  The mass on ultrasound was small, upon surgery the need to resection 50% of the stomach was required. CHARLES IS BEATING THE ODDS! Charles got to go home to his foster on Sunday, he is NOT out of the woods yet!  Follow up appts, special nutrition, meds - they all come at a high cost. Help us make sure Charles has the best chance! 

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Golden Empire Basset Rescue oversee's the Daphneyland programs wherein up to 70 basset hounds, mixes and a few bloodhounds daily are in need of training, socialization and ultimately adoptions.

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