Open your heart to Wildlife 2022!

"If you love them, let them know!"

Spring is coming and there will be wild babies orphaned and in need of our help.

You can help us provide while honoring someone special in your life.

Make a gift and 'put a photo in it' to show who fills your heart with joy this season.

Every donation will help more than 1000 wild babies find a safe place to heal when they lose their wild family and are orphaned.

When you #openyourhearttowildlife by making a gift to Fellow Mortals, you give Healing and Hope to an orphaned or injured wild creature who will one day return to its wild home because of your love for another.

"If you love them, let it show!"

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Share the love and there's no limit to what we can do!

Thank You Gifts

Healing & Hope Gift Card

For a donation of $10 or more.

A beautiful card for you to personalize and send to the one who inspired your gift to help an injured or orphaned wild one in their name.

Number Available: Unlimited

Listen to your Heart

For a donation of $100 or more.

"Listen to your heart"
3" acrylic ornament that can be worn or used as a fob. Opposite side has a drawing of a hawk and "Open your heart to wildlife" FM logo item

Number Available: Unlimited

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Campaign Details

"Fellow Mortals is more than a place; it is a living philosophy based on the belief that encouraging compassion toward all life brings out the finest aspects of our humanity."

Fellow Mortals' physical facility is located in southeast Wisconsin, but our philosophy is universal.

While we have provided direct care for over 60,000 wild creatures since 1985, that's not our only mission.  Keeping them safe and with their own wild parents is our priority.  

Every year we handle thousands of phone calls and interact personally and formally with people across our community and beyond, providing information and education to caring people who find a young bird or mammal alone and just need some guidance on how to reunite the baby with its family, and keep them all safe.

Last year we filmed an episode all about Wildlife First Response for Into the Outdoors.

We work with any species of wild bird and most wild mammals.  If we work with a species, every individual of that species will have a chance to grow and be released--no matter now tiny they are or many we already have in care. 

We don't try to do it all, but what we do--we put our hearts into entirely.

Most of the people who use our services have never before interacted with a wild animal.  We have found that without exception acting on behalf of another is empowering and builds empathy.  An act of compassion on behalf of a wild creature is often a life-changing experience for the people involved.

There is no charge to bring an animal to us for care and, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, anyone who finds an injured or orphaned animal in need of help is able to make a difference.

Thank you for opening your hearts and sharing the love with your wild and human neighbors.

Yvonne Wallace Blane, Co-founder 

Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

About the Organization

Since 1985, Fellow Mortals has been a place of healing and hope for wild creatures and the people who care about them. Our small staff provides personal, compassionate, professional care for critically injured and long-term patients. All care is provided onsite, from critical care at admit to pre-release.

W4632 Palmer Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

EIN: 39-1694862



Sharing is Caring

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