Austin needs help!

Urgent help needed for Austin!

BBBR pulled Austin from OC Animal Care a day AFTER he was supposed to be euthanized for substantial medical concerns.  Austin was so lucky for a day reprieve! 

Austin has since arrived at BBBR.  Austin's preliminary diagnosis is double cruciate tears which means both of his knees will need surgery.  Austin's hips are also in really critical shape.  His hips may need surgery after his knees are dealt with. 

Please note Austin is only 6 years old! This is no way for a young dog to live! 

Total costs (for now) are apx $4,600.  Any monetary donation received in this compaign will be used to give this poor guy the life he deserves! 

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Boise Bully Breed Rescue

About the Organization

BBBR works with shelters to pull bully breed dogs at risk of euthanization due to medical issues, behavioral concerns or otherwise out of time.


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