NIKKI Needs Vet Care FAST!

Urgent help needed for NIKKI!

This is how our newest arrival on 8/7/18 was found.

She was dehydrated, covered in ants with a putrid stench. Currently a "Good Samaritan" case at Daphneyland, this little girl now known as Nikki needs vet care - and FAST!  She has Foxtails impaction amongst many other issues - immediate needs, including spay, dental and vaccinations when healthier, will be approximate $2500.   We NEED everyone to help us save this little girl!

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Nikki's teeth are rotted out and she can only eat very soft food.  The stench coming from her mouth is awful.  Her entire body smells of infection.  She is upset, frightened, and very hungry ... she has now eaten some canned chicken.  She will be seeing the vet to schedule a dental first as her mouth is extremely painful.  We have added some close up pictures of her mouth.

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