Namaste was Found Covered in Burns

Urgent help needed for Namaste !

Animal Control found Namaste out in the field as a stray. Her entire back is covered in severe burns.

We are not sure if she was in a house fire or if someone did this to her intentionally. She was brought into the shelter, but they did not have the resources to care for her. The shelter asked us to get her to the hospital. We are doing everything we can to get her help.

Please consider donating to her hospital care; as you can see, these burns are severe and she will need a lot of around the clock wound care and pain management.

She is just a year old and has a whole life ahead of her if we can help her heal.

Can you help? 

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Second Chance Rescue NYC

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In 2009, Second Chance Rescue NYC began as a small dream, founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. All proceeds go directly to the animals, and to date, we have relied solely on donations from loyal supporters. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate — those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.

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  • Update

    I'm sure we can all use some good news, so here you go!

    After receiving wound care for her fire burns, Namaste finally left the hospital and was able to go home with her new family today. Yay!! We will never know how she was burned, but we know she will never be wronged again.

    Look how happy everyone is!! Don't you just love happy endings!


    Second Chance Rescue NYC

  • Update

    Namaste is still recovering at the vet hospital. Her skin is improving and healing well, she is also opening up more and more with the vet staff. She is learning to trust again. What a beautiful girl...


    Second Chance Rescue NYC

  • Update

    Thanks to you and so many others, we raised the money we need for Namaste's care in less than 24 hours! We are so grateful!

    Namaste's wounds are beginning to heal and she is getting bandage changes and laser. She is also still very depressed and we wish this to be over for her soon. We asked for photos today, but she wasn't really up for it. She's a very sweet dog, just pretty depressed right now. One thing we do know, she will heal and she will never have to carry this sadness around with her ever again. It is our responsibility to make sure this happens for her. Thank you for being part of her team.


    Second Chance Rescue NYC

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