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Have you ever driven past a chained dog in the dead of winter? Have you cried seeing a chained dog curled into a tight ball, shivery and felt helpless to help? Houston Huts 4 Mutts was born out of that sick feeling of wanting to give a chained dog a warm house! It started with a simple post on Facebook, Nov 2015...and it has been a true "grassroots" movement. To date we have built and given out 515 houses, and spayed 233 spayed chained moms!

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Help us give a chained dog a Home before winter!

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For many winters I have seen a chained dog, shivering in the cold north crushed my soul to not be able to jump the fence and give him at least a warm blanket. The 4 am freezing rain would wake me up in tears thinking of that poor chained dog...

Then in November of 2015 I volunteered to work on an outreach day in Houston's 3rd ward. I was shaken to my core. I had never seen such deep poverty, or so many chained dogs. All living in such horrific conditions. Well, that day changed my entire life. I had to do something! I made an innocent post of Facebook "I want to build 10 dog houses for the chained dog's of Houston's 3rd Ward. 

Before I knew it, we had a grassroots movement started. A lot of small donors gave just a few dollars and that first winter we build 72 dog houses! 

To date we have now built and delivered 515 dog houses, provided 24,000 lbs of quality dog food, spayed 233 chained mom's, gave out 990 doses of flea meds, thousands of padded collars/light weight tethers, gallons of wormer, provided basic medical care for various wounds. 

Our last build day was a huge success! 135 houses in just 5 hours! So this year we are going for 150!!!! If you can just donate a few $$ 100% goes to building the houses, and you can sleep a little better knowing you have given a safe, warm home to a chained dog!     Thank You, Aliesha Medley


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