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When accounting for the number of Pit Bulls in need of help in the Lubbock community - including our city shelter, local rescue groups, strays roaming the streets, family pets abandoned - it is a daunting total that Saving Grace desperately wants to help improve. Spaying & neutering is the only way to reduce the overpopulation of Pit Bulls. We need help funding spay/neuter vouchers given out at our Pit Stop event. Each $100 donation = 1 surgery.

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  • $1,400Raised
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Each $100 donation = one less dog producing a litter of puppies

Campaign Details

Our 8th Annual Pit Stop event will be October 26, 2019. We will provide free vaccines and free spay/neuter vouchers to owners of Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mixes living in Lubbock. These services are intended for people that cannot afford them on their own. Each surgery voucher costs Saving Grace $100. We are hoping this fundraiser can help us provide more vouchers to dogs in need. Each $100 donation means one less dog producing a litter of puppies. We appreciate your donations so much. We wholeheartedly believe in our mission, and we couldn't do it without the support of our community.
There is a serious Pit Bull overpopulation crisis in our community. A large number of Pit Bulls are found as strays, relinquished, or abandoned. In 2012 Saving Grace decided to help make a difference by providing spay/neuter and other vetting assistance to Pit Bull owners in our community; specifically owners that cannot afford the surgery on their own. We hoped that spay/neuter would help decrease the number of Pit Bulls taken into the city shelter, thereby decreasing the number euthanized in Lubbock each year.
Through our yearly Pit Stop events, we have spayed/neutered over 800 dogs since 2012 in the city of Lubbock. Another very important goal of the event is to provide education on numerous topics, including chaining, why NOT to breed your Pit Bull, importance of vaccines, being a breed ambassador, and overall responsible ownership. There is a significant need for this initiative in our community, and your support will help us continue this important mission.

About the organization

A group of animal advocates joined together in the mission of rescuing and locating homes for neglected, abused, and forgotten Pit Bulls in Lubbock, TX. Saving Grace cares for 25-30 dogs at any given time, which requires a lot of time, effort, love, and money. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so we operate solely on donations, fundraisers, and our own personal funds. Our motto is "education inspires hope" and we try to constantly educate our community.

Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue
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