Injured and Sick Bloodhound Puppies

Urgent help needed for Pendelton and Finn!

Pendelton and Finn are 10 week-old bloodhound puppies who were recently surrendered. They come to us with serious health issues that will require immediate treatment. Pendleton has a broken femur that was left untreated. He is in a great deal of pain and we need help quickly to get him the care he needs.  Both Finn and Pendleton are underweight and malnourished. Finn is currently being treated for Giradia and is on the mend. Both puppies need lots of vet care as well as standard puppy care like vaccinations and neuter surgery before they can be made available for adoption.  You can play a role in helping these two babies by donating today!

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Campaign Details

We received a message on Social Media about two abandoned bloodhound puppies and one  one that had an injury. Someone took care of them until we could help out.  We were able to pick up Finn first but someone else was taking care of the injured puppy.  We were able to secure him to safety on Friday 2/3.  Both puppies were taken to the vet immediately for assessment, immunizations, and some treatment. 

Fortunately they’ve come to us at a young age and are now receiving the care and love they deserve and need

Pendelton's femur break is pretty severe and there is talk about a possible amputation or the  use of plates to hold his leg together.   We have an appointment with a vet surgeon for a consult to determine the best course of action for Pendleton.  He will require surgery (likely multiple surgeries!). 


West Coast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc.

About the Organization

West Coast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer based organization. Our mission as a rescue is to help bloodhounds in need with the end goal of pairing them with their perfect forever home. ​We are a specialized breed specific rescue intended mainly for bloodhounds, but we occasionally assist bloodhound mixes. Bloodhounds are not a common breed and have very different needs compared to the more common dog breeds.

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