Nino Needs New Knees!

Hip dysplasia? 2 luxating patellas?  2 torn ACLs?  All when you are less than 2 years old?  This is the hand that our poor Nino was dealt.  Luckily, surgery has been done on one leg but he still needs to have the other leg operated on.  The procedure is very costly and It's a Pittie Rescue is trying to raise more money to help one of their own.  Please consider a donation.  No amount is too small.  Nino deserves to live a pain free life. 

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Campaign Details

Nino was found as a stray in Dolton IL.  Luckily, he found rescue and is now in a loving foster home with It's a Pittie Rescue.  However, it was soon after he found foster that it was discovered that he has hip dysplasia, double luxating patellas, and 2 torn acls that need to be fixed through surgery.  The surgery will cost approximately $3600 per leg.  This beautiful boy is only 18 months old and deserves to live a full life without pain.  He loves other dogs, and is an all around fun loving pooch.  Please help Nino get the help he deserves.  We can not do this alone. 

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