Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY!

We urgently need your help!

None of the animals pictured would have survived without donors like you. Please give what you can anything helps. Your donation will be matched until Jan 15th. Wet Mountain Wildlife and The Lazarus Fund, rescue dogs, cats, bears, mountain lions, and other wildlife who would otherwise perish. We are all volunteer so 100% of your donation will go to the needs of animals. We simply cannot continue this crucial work without your help! 

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Campaign Details

Wet Mountain Wildlife and The Lazarus Fund have been established 501c3 rescues for decades.Please give what you can now and please share this campaign. YOUR DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED UNTIL DEC. 31st, and every penny will go directly to the medical needs of wounded, sick and homeless animals. Your donation never goes to overhead costs, advertising, or salaries. Every donation makes a difference! And every time you share this in an email or on social media it helps these animals a great deal. We are proud to say we have provided rehabilitation, adoption, and safe harbor for thousands of wild and companion animals, but only with your help can we continue our work. 

The Lazarus Fund

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  • Update

    A big Thank You to everyone. We STILL HAVE MATCHING FUNDS UNTIL DEC.31ST!

    If you've given a donation as a gift to someone please provide their name and address, phone number or email (however you prefer we reach out to them) and we will let them know you have made a donation in their honor.

    Many of you sacrifice something in your life in order to make a donation and we hope it will return to you ten fold. Those gestures are never taken for granted.

    Donations will be matched until December 31st, so please pass this link along via email or social media and together we will change many lives for the better!  If I don't know you personally please send me an email at and introduce yourself! 

    Merry Christmas!




  • Update

    Hi Everyone,

    Your kindness is already hard at work. Tucker sends a big thank you!  He was found curled up in the street during the recent cold snap, very near death with an infected wound. Thanks to you he is on the mend.

    Now we just need to find someone with some extra space on their couch who will give him a good retirement. He is a senior citizen but he doesn’t know it. We could easily have named him Shadow because he simply wants to be near you. He’s had a pretty hard life thanks for making it better.  Tucker says thanks. xo

     All donations have been matched so far and will continue to be until Dec 10th. If you know of anyone else who might want to contribute, please forward or post the link.


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