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Thanks to your support, we opened our very own adoption center this year in Milltown, NJ!

The space is for cats only and it's a happy and bright facility. We have a huge window that overlooks Main Street so the kitties get lots of sunlight. Volunteers visit at least 3 times a day. Adoptions are starting to pick up and it's super exciting.

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Rescuing an animal must create good karma – though this is not why we do it. To rescue an animal is to literally save a life – to change their fate or destiny. Saving a friendly animal from a harsh life outside, from a hoarding situation or from having litter after litter because they are not spayed … lives saved. If some good karma comes along with it – bonus!

Zen can be considered a state of mind – particularly one that is calm. When we thought of the rescue process – going from a situation that is probably far from ideal to one of calmness and safety – the state of zen came to mind. That is the goal – to move animals into that calm state so that they can flourish and, in turn, find their forever homes.

About the organization

Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society
39 S. Main Street
Milltown, NJ 08850

EIN: 27-2141815



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