Help Hero the Golden Puppy Walk

Urgent help needed for Hero!

Hero is a 5 month old golden surrendered to GRRSWF. The owner purchased at an online puppy website associated with puppy mills. Hero struggles to walk due to patellar luxation on both knees, double elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and a fractured front limb. His first knee surgery is 10/11/18 and the second is 3 weeks later and eventually the elbows. These surgeries total $16,000.00. Hero is happy and full of life and deserves a pain free future!

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 Our adorable little Hero, at just five months of age, is a “genetic hot mess,” according to our vet. The owner made the hard decision to call GRRSWF about him when she realized she would not be able to care for his medical needs. His orthopedic issues are the result of an Ohio puppy mill and purely genetics. Other than his joints, Hero is a healthy puppy. He is in a wonderful foster home with Krista where she either strolls him around or carries him to where he needs to be.

We are asking for your support to help Hero walk again. GRRSWF has helped many sick and injured dogs over the past 9 years, but Hero will be our most expensive rescue yet. GRRSWF is a 501c3 run by all volunteers with no paid salaries. Simply, Hero needed us and we need the support. Please share far and wide!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog his world will change forever. 

10/11/18- update...Hero has completed his first surgery. It took the Dr 7 hours and his femur had to be shortened because the muscles had been contracted for so long. He will be at the specialty hospital through the weekend.


10/13/18-Two days after a very long first surgery, Hero has started walking a little with a sling under his belly. He is actually using the operated leg; the right (unoperated) leg dangles and he isn't placing weight on it. He is VERY food motivated so he is easy to encourage do do things, our vet reports. Riley/Samson volunteered his toy to keep Hero entertained while he has been bored in his cage!


10/25/18- Hero has started physical therapy! We have a video posted of him doing the under water treadmill. Hero is such a fighter and taking all of this in stride. Thank you everyone for supporting him!


11/2/18-Hero is recovering nicely from his second knee surgery. The video above is Hero the day after his surgery. And we also posted a video of how he walked before surgery.

11/7/18-SWFL peeps: Please stop by Cottage and Loft in Fort Myers this week. Our dear friend Cheryl Zager is holding a fundraiser for Hero and will match donations for him ALL WEEK. See the poster for details. Hero is putting in an appearance from noon-2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10. We encourage all supporters in the Fort Myers are to swing by the shop and put at least $1 in the jar! We thank you and so does our brave little Hero.


1/4/19- Yesterday Hero had to have unexpected hip surgery.  Dr. Eisle at SVS says Hero's FHO went very, very well! He is happy with the surgery. Hero's other hip is fine, so no surgery is needed there. Blood flow to the femur head was cut off, causing bone-on-bone and considerable pain. We hope this is the last of his surgeries!




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