Help Save the Victims of the Fires

We urgently need your help!

The whole west coast is on fire putting many dogs lives at risk.

BARC's Rescue in conjunction with Critter Cruisers is organizing a humanitarian mission to help the dogs misplaced from the fires. 

We do this by emptying the shelters from dogs that have been there before the fires. This allows the dogs that are homeless from the fires to  have somewhere to go while their families look for them. With the shelters already full, they have to make room somehow so many adoptable dogs will be euthanized. 

During the pandemic, we found out that there  isn't enough dogs in our area for the homes we have. 

Please help us finance this lifesaving mission. 

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BARC's Rescue

About the Organization

We are a No-Kill Organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We service the area of Calgary AB to Creston BC. We are committed to educating the public and ensuring Calgary and other areas remain Responsible and free of BSL. We rescue dogs who are out of hope with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving, permanent homes.

Box 129
Jaffray, BC V0B1T2

EIN: non profit# 838854-7



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