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We urgently need your help!

I've been waiting for what feels like an eternity but finally, a rescue wants me. I'm on the urgent list so the timing for my rescue could not be any better!  If I can raise $215 to cover my vetting fees, the rescue will pull me.  Done.  I'm safe.  My new life awaits me.  Please help save me by giving ASAP, won't you?

  • Raised: $200
  • Goal: $215

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    I can ALMOST smell my freedom and my new life!  THANK YOU!! 

    Thanks to your gift and help from others,  I now have a new life ahead of me and I can't wait to dive into it!!

    Your support made it possible for me to confirm my rescue offer.  With funding in hand to cover my pull fees and the wonderful folks at covering my heartworm bill,  well life is now good and in no time, will simply be GRAND!

    As you may have read,  I was surrendered with several other dogs when my person could no longer care for us.  This was back in July.  YIKES!  Slowly, one by one, I saw my friends heading home and or to a rescue but sadly,  I continued to be left behind.  Finally and yes, in the nick of time, a rescue spoke up for me but needed help in fees associated with my medical costs.  Your gift helped me to secure my offer and in about 6 weeks following heartworm treatment,  I will be loaded up on a transport to begin my exciting new life.

    Thank you for believing in me and supporting my path to a new life.  With so many pets in need, I am honored you chose to help me.  THANK YOU! 


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