Spring Fling Kitties

We urgently need your help!

Spring has sprung and these lucky kitties (Josephine, Anthony, Spencer and Cisco) and looking for a spring fling and you can help!!  If we raise $200 to cover their vetting costs,  off they go on the ultimate trip and journey of a lifetime.   It's no fun if you're a homeless kitty cooped up in a small wire cage when the world could be your oyster and only $200 stands in the way of realizing that dream.  Please give today, won't you? 

  • Raised: $200
  • Goal: $200

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    We have been launched!!  

    Yes, thanks to your gift and the generosity of other feline lovers,  we have the money needed to leave SC debt free and head to our rescue.   We actually left on the big transport this past weekend and were so pleased to leave our old lives behind with the promise of new lives just a transport van drive away!

    Spring time is the busiest time for shelters as little ones are dropped off and discarded en masse and the scrambling begins to try and save every life possible.  Thank you for coupling with us to make a real difference in saving lives! 


    Josephine, Anthony, Spencer and Cisco- Spring Fling Kitties



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