Sweet Kitten with Spinal Injury

Urgent help needed for Jesse!

Jesse is only 10 months old and has suffered a serious spinal injury. We don't know exactly what happened but he is not getting better. The tests are expensive and we are ready to do whatever it takes to help him. 

Would you help us help him? He is only a baby.

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Campaign Details

Jesse is a 10 month old kitten who deserves a second chance for a happy, healthy life. Although completely healthy, he was surrendered because he was urinating outside of the box. This is an extremely common issue as some kittens are particular about the way certain types of litter feels on their paws, how often it’s cleaned, or any number of other reasons. It is easily fixed with a variety of techniques, some as simple as trying a new type of litter. 

The shelter had him neutered and when they went to check his cage they saw that the collar they put on him was caught in his mouth. They don't know how long it was there, possibly up to 12 hours. Soon after fixing the collar they discovered the sweet boy was having trouble walking. 

At such a young age Jesse is in urgent need of treatment to fix his tender body. If the spinal injury caused by the trauma from the collar is not fixed soon, he may lose the use of his backside. The vet believes there may have been additional trauma to his tail, such as a tail pull. 

Despite a string of bad luck as a baby, Jesse is as sweet as they come. He loves head-butting, is extremely social and is eager to feel better again. 

We want to make sure that he can walk and use his hind legs. Won’t you please urgently join us in doing whatever it takes to help this adorable baby boy? Every little bit helps as he is so worthy of a new lease on life. 

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