Hope's Medical Fund

Hope's Medical Fund

Each year we have an ANNUAL FUND DRIVE for Hope's Medical Fund to ensure we have the money to give every pet under our care the medical, health, and wellness care they need before going home.

Our most successful fundraising years have been driven by YOU, our pet-loving supporters who reach out to their network to help raise money for this critical Fund.

We started Hope's Medical fund more then 20 years ago when dear Hope, a young beautiful Boxer, came to Grand Companions. At the time funds were short, but there was no question a way would be found to provide the emergency care she needed.

"During Hope's brief stay with us, the most heartbreaking moment was when two young boys, strangers to her, walked into the room. It was the only time we saw her wag her little stub of a tail." ~ Laura Langham, Executive Director.

Sadly, efforts to save Hope were not enough. She quietly passed away resting on a warm bed of blankets. It was then that Grand Companions made the promise to do whatever needed to be done to ensure money was available to help pets in need.

You can help this year's Fund Drive by becoming a Fundero, a fund raising hero! Just make your own GRID and your friends, family, and coworkers will have a blast filling in your GRID with their pictures when they make a donation to your campaign.

JOIN in the FUN. Here's how it works ...

To SEE a sample GivingGrid just click “Campaign Example” button.
... That’s our basic Hope's Medical Fund GivingGrid.
... Click on an empty square to see how someone would make a donation.
... They can upload a photo, a logo or they can let GivingGrid pick a photo for them.

It's that EASY! READY to START?

CLICK “Raise Money for this Campaign” to start your own campaign.
... FILL in the SIGN UP page
... Your GRID will auto create and be ready to go!
... You CAN personalize your GRID - change title, photos, goal, whatever you like.
... HELP Buttons lead you through the set up if needed.

THANK YOU for helping homeless pets have hope for a happy, healthy, home sweet home of their very own!