ACME Pups & Mom!

Urgent help needed for Wile E. and Crew!

We Found Mama Dog!  The ACME Pups (Wile E., Pepe, Babs, and Honey) need your help! 

Last night while on a regular walk with the hounds in a river bed, our volunteer happened upon a stray mom and found this litter of pups!   Pups have teeth and are of good weight, and are approximately 8 weeks old.  We are working on setting up a trap for the Mom as she will not come near a human.  Mom looks like the dog in the Target ads or a female Spuds Mackenzie.  If we were to guess, dad is a shepherd mix.

Help us get these pups started off right.  They need deworming, shots, spay, neuter, food, and a great home!  

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UPDATE:  We found the Mama dog!  We now need help for her care and spay surgery!

While we know they are not bloodhounds, we couldn't leave these little ones behind.  We hope to catch mom very soon.  We took the ACME pups to the vet today and they have been checked out, vaccinated with their first set of shots, and dewormed.  We will be taking care of them for at least another few weeks so they can receive their next set of shots before being available for adoption.  


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West Coast Bloodhound Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer based organization. Our mission as a rescue is to help bloodhounds in need with the end goal of pairing them with their perfect forever home. ​We are a specialized breed specific rescue intended mainly for bloodhounds, but we occasionally assist bloodhound mixes. Bloodhounds are not a common breed and have very different needs compared to the more common dog breeds.

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