Wilma Needs Our Help To Recover!

Urgent help needed for Wilma!

Wilma looks bedraggled, huge teats from a lost litter, broken leg, ratty fur, unkempt.

Wilma is no more than a year old. She was found wandering in the WalMart parking lot in Delano, full of milk from puppies who have not been found, broken leg from being hit by a car, dirty, in desperate need of grooming - some would say not worth saving, a train wreck and needing extensive medical care.





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  • Raised: $2,472
  • Goal: $7,000

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X-rays from Dr. Stout (shout out to this wonderful human and staff) in Delano showing several pretty nasty fractures. When I saw her photo, I emailed Dr. Chuck Walls about surgery, so everyone was waiting for her at the vet.

Once it was realized she had a fever and mastitis (infected and engorged teats), Wilma was put her on pain meds, antibiotics and medical kenneling until the infection has subsided. At which time Sage will surgically go into her leg, and put pins and a brace on the fracture. So some serious issues (1) systemic infection, (2) broken leg and (3) spay will also happen. This is going to cost a lot.


UPDATE: 6/19/2017  - For those following WILMA: just talked to Sage Vet in Concord. Wilma, who is there in medical boarding, is doing great -- meaning the infection has subsided enough that Dr. Chuck Walls is going to do a leg bone repair and spay early this afternoon. thank you all for supporting a sweet husky. will keep you posted as soon as I hear updates.

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