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Help the Barbarian (Thurs) Family

Much needed, and appreciated, help to get our family back on our feet. Read more.

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If you know Dan, you know that he is always willing to help his friends. He would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. We don't like to ask for help but have exhausted all means of state and local assistance.

Dan has always led a very active and healthy life. He was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught self defense for many years. About 4 years ago he became very ill and his health has declined since then. He was diagnosed with several illnesses, but mainly CF/ME (Chronic Fatigue/Myeloencephalitis). He was denied his SSDI claim and now have to start all over.

He was the main financial provider for his family and he lost his 33+ year job. Since then his health has declined to the point where he is unable to work due to the never-ending, excruciating pain he endures. His doctor has him on various pain medications which does little to help alleviate the pain that he goes through every day. He is constantly nauseous which has resulted in him maybe eating once a day and trying to get down at least one bottle of water.

Dan tries to do what he can, around the house, but he has limited activities. Any activity that he does has lasting effects which cause him to be very ill for a prolonged period. Yes, he has his good days and he tries to do things that he is able to do and enjoys. One of the things that he enjoys, and one of the few things that he can do, is his podcasts, where he educates people on 2A issues. If you have seen his videos you may wonder why he has the firearms but doesn't sell them. Those are builds that he received free from companies that he advertises for and is under contract. He cannot sell them until the contract expires which is at least a year.

I am the sole supporter of the family and work full-time as well as taking classes at a local college, to obtain a degree. The hope is that I will be able to get a higher-paying job, to better support the family. Currently, I have no vacation left due to an illness that occurred in early January, 2018, and any time off is unpaid. Having to take time off, for various doctor appointments and to pursue a better paying job, has resulted in a decrease in take-home pay.

We get $300 a month in Foodshare that supports our family of 4. We don't spend unnecessarily, we don't go out to eat, we buy our clothes from thrift stores and watch every penny we spend. We do not have August's rent payment and are having difficulty keeping the utilities on. Please, if you can help out a struggling family we would so greatly appreciate it. Every little bit helps until we can get back on our feet. If you know us you know that we are always willing to help people, in any way that we can. My goal is to get back on our feet and pay it forward, to help others in situations like we are in.

Thank you so very much and appreciate any help that we can get. Much love to you all.

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  • Update

    Dan is in the hospital for another night, but at least he is stable now.  His regular doctor came in to see him twice and will be ordering another scope, to see where the GI bleed is located.  He has him on clear fluids and has authorized for him to get his pain meds.  I am hoping that he finally gets some sleep tonight.

    Words can never express how much your friendship and support means to my family.  All our love and our deepest gratitude.

    Dan, Sonji, Talya and Tristan

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