We Need Some Holiday Love!

 Dear Friends, GIVING TUESDAY is here, the start of our biggest and most joyful fundraiser! And believe us, it couldn't have come at a more desperate time. This year has been our hardest ever. SO MANY calls for help with stray cats, sick cats, and abandoned cats. We have a few great foster homes, but we need more. We had less adoptions this year than before. We did our best, as always, but we really can't do it without your donations. We hope you read the stories below, then please give as much as you can. As always, we love to see the pictures of your own furbabies, past or present. It's safe, fun, and so much ap-purr-ciated! Do read below



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We're one big team on a mission to fill this GivingGrid!


  • Update


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! YOU have made us soooo happy! I'm excited to report that our annual HOLIDAY GIVING GRID was a huge success! Our goal was $7.500, but thanks to YOUR compassion and generosity, we raised $8,150! Our precious cats and kittens that you read about and saw their pictures will greatly benefit. It never ends because just this week, we rescued two kittens in need of life-saving surgery. 

    YOU are amazing! We loved seeing your pictures on the Giving Grid, and reading your messages. You love your pets so much and have such big hearts for the homeless ones and the ones who have special needs. Many of you donated in memory of one who has passed, and some of you even donated more than once. Your trust in us and our work is truly inspiring.

    Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and furry New Year! 

    With humble thanks,

    Shazi, Marilyn, Kathy, and all of us at Lifeline for Pets.

  • Update

     YIPPEE! You're the first to know that we have now reached our goal!! In fact, we're over it by $100 so far! 

    We had said we would run it till the end of the year, so we will do that, in case anyone else hasn't gotten to it yet.

    THANK YOU for your generosity. All of our little guys will certainly benefit.

    We'll end the year with one more update after this, but in the meantime, we wish you a very Happy Holiday

  • Update

     Oh, Happy Day! We just received a donation on our Holiday Giving Grid that put us at 78% of our goal! Here's the math: We just need another $80 to get to 80%, and, once there, only $1,500 to reach our Final Goal!! Vet care is becoming insurmountable, and next week we are taking a precious boy, "Meemow" to see a cardiologist. You can guess what that will end up costing. But we'll do it for Meemow's sake, because he and all the rescues that come into our care are so worth it! Thank you for your support. If you know of anyone who might like to join in our cause to help us reach our goaThey please direct them to our Holiday Giving Grid, "We Need Some Holiday Love." They can easily just click the button below. Thank you!

  • Update


    GOOD NEWS! We've now reached over half of our goal!

    Thank you so much to all of our donors!

    We are heartened by your generosity and compassion.

    And, we've loved reading your comments and seeing your pets' pictures!

    Next stop: 75% (that's just $1,780 more). Maybe you have some family & friends who would like to join in?

    Stay tuned!

  • Update

    HAPPY DAY! By 9 p.m. on Giving Tuesday we reached almost 30% of our goal! Thanks to all of you who donated today. This gives us high hopes! 

    We will continue this campaign throughout the holiday season. If you can please tell your animal loving family and friends to join in, that would be much ap-purr-ciated!

    All the precious cats and kittens in our care will truly benefit. 

    Maybe some of you donors will even want to adopt! How great would that be!

    Thank you again, and we can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

    Next stop: 50%. We will keep you posted.

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Campaign Details

We're pleading for your help...  

While we are so grateful to you for helping us survive this long, we are continuing to struggle. Costs have increased while adoptions have decreased, but we can’t stop saving these precious souls. Our rescue is a safe haven for abandoned, abused, and neglected pets, but we can't do it alone.

Every day, we strive to provide shelter, care, love, and a second chance to these animals. However, we need your help to continue our vital work. Your generous donation can make a world of difference for these furry friends. Here are some stories of the cats we've rescued this year, that you can see in the pictures:

1. MEEMOW: Sweet, FIV+ senior, callously abandoned outdoors when owner moved away, fed by loving neighbor, and just recently found a wonderful foster mom who may adopt him; Diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and will be seeing a heart surgeon. 

2. MAKAELA: A purr-fect sweetheart of a tabby, rescued as a stray, was early pregnant, loves everybody, was recently adopted and renamed Nutmeg;

3. MR. CLARENCE: Rescued from a feral colony, is FIV+, shy, hisses a lot but will roll over and accept pets, all while hissing. So cute!

4. BLUEY & BINGO: Adorable siblings, fluffy & cuddly babies. Just got adopted!

5.  MAMAS WITH LITTERS: 29 all together, in foster care, and getting bigger. Two sweet mamas, several sweet kittens each, plus other kittens, still a few not adopted.

6. BRUNO:Yes, let's "talk about Bruno!" Sweet boy, loves his food and head scratches! Needs a calm home. No one has applied for him. FIV+ & had dental work.

7. STEVIE: Sweetest boy ever! FIV+ but mellow and loves to be pet. No one has applied for him.

8. DESTINY: Beautiful kitten found as a street stray. We helped her through giardia, and she was finally adopted. Now, loving life with a big dog brother.

9. BEAR: When the kitten accidently got outside was grabbed by a coyote. The family ran after it and the coyote dropped Bear. Had spinal & rib injury and required surgery. Is now beginning to walk upright with a little wobble. 

10. NITNOY: (name means "Little Bit" in Thai) Found as a stray with serious dental problems. We are covering his dental extractions.

11. JACK: Kitten, just diagnosed with FIP & will require expensive medication but without it he will likely not survive.

Every day we get tons of calls & emails asking if we can take a cat, or two cats, or more. If we can get enough people to give us a small amount, we can save even more. Please donate what you can, and share this campaign. Give in honor of your own precious pets, who are not out on the cold & dangerous streets, but safe and warm with you, or, give in memory of a beloved pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, not alone, but having known your love. We want the same for the homeless animals that we serve. 

We also know that some of you are struggling too, so if you're not in the position to donate, you can also help by sharing our campaign with others you think might want to help or even better, start your own fundraising campaign by clicking the button above that says “Fundraise for this Campaign.” It’s so simple.

Your gift will help us make the holidays more joyous for the animals who come into our care. And . .  YOU will get a warm, happy feeling in your heart to know you had a much appreciated part in it!

Somehow, we always find a way to make it through for the benefit of those precious souls. Sometimes it almost seems impossible and we look back and wonder how we got by. Then we quickly remember. our miracle is YOU! Thank you!

Lifeline for Pets

About the Organization

We are a small, no-kill rescue based in Pasadena, CA. We provide care for homeless cats until a loving home can be found for them. We have many adorable and loving pets waiting for their forever homes. Our goal is to help these deserving animals have a long, happy life!

Pasadena, CA 91017

EIN: 95-3786746



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