Operation Miami Cargo

Urgent help needed for Aruba's Animals!

We desperately need your help raising money to airlift 30+ dogs!

Many of these sweet dogs have been waiting to fly to the US for years and this is their chance to make it to their forever homes. We can only fly as many dogs as we can raise money for. These dogs deserve to find a new life in loving homes. The rescues are full in Aruba and the situation is dire as there are over 30,000 stray animals. This makes this effort very time sensitive so the rescues can help other animals in need. We have secured a cargo plane and need to reach our goal so we can get as many dogs out to make room for others. We would hate to miss this opportunity. 


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Campaign Details

We will be helping Luna Foundation Aruba to transport dogs from their safe haven to the US. Money raised will go towards the dogs flights approximately $300 a dog, crates, health certificates, vaccinations and transportation once in the US. This is our first chance since the island shut down due to Covid to fly adult dogs off the island. We will be flying in early June as after that the weather gets too hot to fly animals as cargo, so we have a short timeframe to raise money. The government has recently implemented a dog catcher to pick up the strays and also take in any dogs who are being abused or neglected and they will take them to the government funded kill cage. Here they will be held for a few days and if not claimed they will be euthanized. With all the rescues full they are not able to accommodate any of these strays or help any people who may need to give up their pets due to the economic situation. The biggest impact we can make is to free up space at the rescues so they can continue their life saving work. 

One Love Foundation Inc.

About the Organization

The mission of One Love Foundation Inc. is to help change the lives of Aruba’s street animals by generating funds, raising awareness, and educating people.

Mahwah , NJ
United States

EIN: 85-1790155



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