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Urgent help needed for Heidi!

Heidi, a 1.5yr old retired greyhound, arrived with a cut that became severely infected despite treatment. Heidi girl has been back and forth to the vet and had to have surgery to remove infected tissue and have a drain put in. She's been on several rounds of antibiotic but has been a trooper throughout. The thousands in medical bills has drained the group's emergency funds and Heidi still needs more treatment. Please support Heidi and share!

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Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc. is a small non-profit group that works to find appropriate and loving homes for retired racing greyhounds. Recently we welcomed our newest, and youngest,  member. Heidi is a 1 and a half year old retired racing greyhound who never raced! Instead she came straight from the farm where she was raised. While we were hoping to make Heidi's transition into the outside world as easy as possible, she had other plans! When she arrived she had a small cut on her side. Heidi's wound was treated, but became severely infected. She's been in and out of the vet Since. After a round of antibiotics the wound flared up and she had to have surgery to remove dead and infected tissue, as well as have a drain put in. Much to our dismay she tested positive for staph. Despite being very young Heidi has been a trooper throughout every vet visit and we're all so proud of her. Unfortunately Heidi's unexpected medical emergency has drained the adoption group's emergency funds and she will still need further medical attention to make sure she continues to heal properly. Please donate to support Heidi's recovery and share her story so that we can get her the attention she needs!!

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