Beauregard's Pull Fees

We urgently need your help!

Recognize me?  It's Beauregard.  We first met end of July when I asked for your help in removing a very large mass from my hip.  The mass was removed but the prognosis for me was not so good.  It's likely the mass will come back but if you can believe it,  I have a rescue who will provide me with end of life care.  All they need is for my vetting fees of $200 to be covered.  It's not sure how much time I have left, but I will make the most of it!

  • Raised: $200
  • Goal: $200

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Ain't nothing like a hound dog and gosh,  Beauregard certainly lives up to this billing!  

    You'll not meet a more friendly, welcoming face than Beauregard and for this reason, so many of us rallied around him to cover surgery for the mass removal on his hip end of July.  Unfortunately,  the biopsy report is not very promising, but we kept forging onward to help Beauregard live out whatever time he might have left.  To this end, thanks in part to YOUR GENEROSITY,  when a rescue expressed interest in helping Beauregard and only asked that his pull fees were covered, Beauregard now has a safe spot to call home and a rescue who will provide for him.

    Beauregard is still very much full of life and love and is not at all symptomatic.  We love seeing him run and sail along with delight as he catches a whiff of some wonderful scent in the fall breeze!  He should be transporting to his rescue end of the month.  Please continue to send healing thoughts his way and thank you again for being a part of his incredible second chance at a new life.  

    DCHS- Rescue

    Ps.  Below is Beauregard in his foster home being the goof ball that he is!

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