The forgotten pups

We urgently need your help!

Imagine being sick, hungry, young and cold and in the middle of nowhere with no help! This is what these 5 puppies are facing right now. They desperately need to be taking to safety and get medical treatment. Will you be their guardian angel and help??

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Campaign Details

These puppies were found in the city of Iskilip, in the Corum District. We have been working on trying to get them to safety. The pet taxi is 450 lira and to start the mange treatment is 2,000 lira. They managed to stay alive this long on their own dumped like trash! Please help us get them to the clinic!!! 

The $650 goal is just to get them to safety and get treatment started. Once we have them safe and at the clinic we will know more on what all they need, so the goal may change. Any help is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: The puppies are at the clinic and receiving treatment, but they still need a lot of support. The goal is now $2,000 for the extensive mange treatment, parasite treatment as well as hernia surgery as soon as two of them are healthy enough for the surgery. 

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