Punkin needs your help

Urgent help needed for Punkin!

Punkin is a young Beagle with a serious back problem. We need help paying for her evaluation, testing and surgery.

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Volunteers For Animals brought Punkin up from Tennessee and she was quickly adopted. Her new family took her home and the next day she was having severe pain and could not walk. Punkin was taken to a local vet but they thought her problem was more serious so they suggested she go to Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center. She had extensive testing and needed urgent surgery. Punkin had surgery to clean up at least 3 bulging disks, decompress the spinal cord and relieve the mobility issue. She is currently do well and is able to stand following surgery. Her medical care is over $6000 at this time. Please help us with Punkin's urgent care by making a donation today. And please share this compaign to help Punkin!

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  • Update

    We have an update on Punkin, aka Pepper! She is doing quite well and wants to do more than she is supposed to do. Her family is still making her rest! She is eating well and going outside to the bathroom too. Her incision looks good. Pepper is still a little unbalanced at time but her back legs are getting stronger each day. 

    Thank you to everyone for supporting the critical care Pepper needed to be a happy, healthy dog again.

    Volunteers For Animals

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