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We need your help to raise money for Evan! 

A new device called a ReWalk has been developed and FDA approved for Spinal Cord Injury patients learning to walk again.  The only obstacle is the cost of these new devices that are not covered by insurance.  The ReWalk will provide Evan with more independence and the ability to get around without the use of his wheelchair.  The ReWalk FES Bike will be the first phase of our fundraising for Evan.  This bike will be an at-home unit that will help him gain lower body strength and prepare him for the ReWalk in the future. Please help us reach our goal of $25,000 to assist in purchasing this device and keep Evan moving along on his road to recovery. Every contribution helps.


Evan is an 18 year old Senior at James Bowie High School.  Evan was a Varsity QB on the Bowie Bulldogs Football team and looking forward to attending college after graduation.

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, Evan headed out on a quick trip with two friends to grab some food and ended up in a catastrophic car accident. Evan sustained many life-threatening injuries in this car accident. The most serious injuries were to his spinal cord. Evan survived fractures to his C4 and C5 vertebrae.  As a result, he is now a quadriplegic.  He was given only a 10-25% chance of regaining the use of his hands and feet. Trauma to this part of the high spine not only leaves survivors paralyzed below the point of injury, but can also affect many basic functions like swallowing, speaking normally, and breathing independently.  Evan's spinal cord injury is incomplete, meaning the ability of the spinal cord to convey messages to or from the brain is not completely lost. 

Evan started rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial-Hermann in Houston, Texas on Thursday, May 14. Since his therapy began, Evan has been progressing at a remarkable rate. He is now gaining upper body strength and the ability to use a manual wheelchair.  The next big step in his road to recovery is his ability to walk.  

Your financial contribution, no matter the amount, will be an essential step in the next phase of healing for Evan and his ability to walk and function more independently.

Please help us and share Evan's story!



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