Urgent: Stella the Great Dane Needs You!

Urgent help needed for Stella!

Stella, a young and spirited Great Dane, faces a critical health battle. Her kidneys are underdeveloped, and she requires constant access to water due to her condition. We need your support to cover her mounting medical bills, including potentially life-saving treatments. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in Stella's life. Be her lifeline—donate today and give Stella the chance she deserves!

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We're here to share the story of Stella Iris, a stunning two-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane who has captured our hearts. Stella's journey has brought her to the care of an incredible foster family, and now, it's our chance to come together and offer our support.

Meet Stella - a magnificent two-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane who radiates both charm and charisma. Her presence lights up any room she enters as she is exceptionally beautiful, and her heart is as big as her paws. Stella's future could be truly special – she might be the first of "Therapy Danes," a wonderful idea from her loving foster mom where rescued Great Danes are trained to be wonderful therapy pups. Your help can make this happen. Stella is young and just full of charm and happiness. She's big-hearted and creates huge smiles on all who see her. Stella absolutely loves playing with her foster Dane brother or a run with her foster dad. When it's time to rest, she loves being close to you or on top of you, whichever is allowed. She adores her foster human siblings and is one of the most gentle Danes you can find. Your support can shape Stella's journey and help her become a healthy, shining example for the "Therapy Danes" project. With your help, she can create a beautiful impact and inspire others to bring comfort and joy.

Stella's Health Journey – Stella has always loved water as many Great Danes do but when Stella arrived at her foster house, her foster parents (both human nurses) quickly noticed Stella’s obsession with water was beyond normal. She was taken to the vet where they did a urine analysis and blood work. Her urine analysis showed she was unable to concentrate urine which is causing the huge volumes of urine that she is not able to hold. A water reduction to less than 24 cups/day showed significant dehydration and it was deemed unsafe to limit Stella’s water consumption. She was referred to an Internal Medicine Specialist for further diagnosis. Stella's recent vet visit to the specialist was quite the journey itself. The long hours from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM for ultrasounds of her kidneys, bladder, and abdominal organs were stressful. During this time, Stella wasn't allowed to eat or drink, adding to the challenge. The financial burden of the bills has weighed heavily, and the results have yet to provide clear answers. Stella's kidneys are underdeveloped and not functioning as they should. Her right kidney is suspected to be facing an infection or disease, and a urine culture is pending. If the results are negative, the possibility of a kidney infection remains, prompting tough decisions ahead. The vet estimated the cost of antibiotic treatment for Stella in the multiple hundreds of dollars. She is currently requiring access to water around the clock. Due to such large volumes of water Stella consumes to maintain her health, Stella also needs around the clock access to the bathroom as she is not able to hold her bladder for more than 2 hours. Stella sure is a lucky girl as her foster mom and dad have found the perfect dog walker to come multiple times per day while they are at working caring for their patients to provide her water, outside time and clean up after Stella when her bladder spasms cause an accident in her crate. Because Stella is so young we feel Stella can overcome the medical challenges ahead.

How You Can Make a Difference - Stella's journey is a reminder that every act of kindness can bring about change. Your support, regardless of its size, can directly contribute to Stella's medical expenses and daily care needs. With your help, we can provide her with a path toward a brighter future where she can give back all of the love that was given to her.


Other ways to donate to Stella's vet care:

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Joyful Pets Rescue, 6 University Drive 206212, Amherst, MA 01002

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