Loafing Barn with heat

We are a"Senior Citizen Home" for the aged injured potbelly pig for all over the USA. We have complete veterinary room plus a"Hydro-Therapy" Center for older arthritic, injured potbelly pigs. The demand for OLDER Placement is growing daily. Currently our waiting list is 25+ but some on waiting list can not wait. They are being turned loose, attacked by dogs or being "Bait animals" for fights. We are surviving but struggling for new buildings.

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Pig-A-Sus Homestead Sanctuary

About the Organization

We are over run with request for placements of potbelly pigs. We currently are at 85 with a holding list of 23. We have no more buildings for more rescue. We have made a heartbreaking choice to not use what funds we have for a building, but to use for care, food and medical. 90% of the Potbelly Pigs comes with no donations. We have labor for the construction, just need materials. Concrete, concrete blocks ,lumber, tin and siding. Thank You.

506 S Road
Mack, Colorado 81525



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