2019 Summer Marchathon

2018 is going to be an exciting year for our marching band, but we're asking for your generosity to help cover items the district does not have in their budget:

$10 Buys Gatorade for summer band.

$25 Buys fruit for break at summer band.

$50 buys first aid supplies.

$100 helps pay for clinicians who develop the sound you hear and effects you see!

$500 Pays for the marching tech to help the show sizzle!

Please help our band make it through the summer!

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Help us with our awesome marching band!

Thank You Gifts

Dundalk HS Bracelet

For a donation of $50 or more.

Help us out and get this very cool edgy Dundalk bracelet made with recycled tire and metal.

Number Available: Unlimited

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Campaign Details

We need your help!

On July 21, your Dundalk band students are participating in the first ever Marchathon!!! This is a fun way for incoming 8th graders to meet the upper class students and for all of them to remember some marching band FUNdamentals. Please consider generously supporting these kids efforts.

This is a fun new way to raise money for summer band. All you have to do is pick a donation amount, upload a picture of your favorite band kid or whatever you like. The money goes directly to the Dundalk band to help offset the costs of the summer band program not covered by the district.

Thank you in advance for participating. We're going to have a great 2016 year in marching band.

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