Dollars for Duncan

Urgent help needed for Duncan!

Duncan was taken to be put down by his breeder, because of an esophageal condition that was costly to fix. At only 7 wks old, he was starving to death. Tragically, Duncan also suffered an intestinal prolapse.

To save his life would cost over $13,000. He needed emergency help, and now we do, too! 

We didn't see the money. We didn't see the challenge. All we saw were his sad brown eyes, about to close for the very last time.

We said yes. Will you?


  • Raised: $13,418
  • Goal: $13,000

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Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue




  • Update

    We at Louie’s Legacy work tirelessly to save as many animals as we can. Most, taken into the loving arms of our foster homes, experience the miracle of transformation, both physically and mentally as they make their way into new forever homes. For a heartbreaking few, this is not to be. This morning, Duncan passed away on his own. We had brought him back to the specialist because he was having trouble regaining his strength, and as we prepared to find out the cause in the morning, his little body chose not to fight anymore.

    We are devastated, but know that our grief is shared by each of you who pulled for him, prayed for him and thought of him daily. We so desperately wanted to give him the life he deserved. Even though the outcome was not as we planned, we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your support in our mission. Please know that Duncan experienced the richness of unconditional love, a full belly and a soft bed in his short time with us. He has undoubtedly left a mark of inspiration on many of the people he met, and this is his legacy.

    Should you like to review how your contributed funds were used, you may view his invoice paid in full here:

    Other questions or for our EIN number, you may contact us at


  • Update

    We wanted to touch base with our donors, and send a quick update on Duncan. The outpouring of support we have received has been overwhelming, and with your help we have reached 2/3 of our original goal in just one day! 

    At this point, Duncan is recovering from surgery. He enjoys when we visit him, wagging his tail and snuggling up close. He does not have a release date in sight, but he is steadily gaining weight thanks to the surgical insertion of a feeding tube. We hope and pray that as each day passes, Duncan gets stronger and healthier, so that he can move on to the next step in his journey. 

    Every step of the way, we have worked with the specialists and surgeons to determine if what we are doing is in Duncan's best interest. We have made sure that the end result of Duncan's adventure will only be a dog with a good quality of life, and that the current result of our choices is a dog that is not suffering. At this point, his team and ours both believe Duncan to be a good candidate to move forward, and as long as he is ready to continue fighting, we are right there beside him. We hope that you are, too.

    Duncan's bill continues to grow by over $1,500 each day, and we still need your help. Please continue to share Duncan's story, so that the remainder of the funds can be raised for the treatment that gives him the best chance at a healthy, happy future. 

    If you would like to see a copy of the invoice for Duncan's care, or a copy of our 501c3 paperwork, please email us at We realize that transparency is an important aspect of any fundraising effort, and we appreciate that you have chosen to help us as we help Duncan. 

    We thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts and Duncan's, for helping us give a chance to a puppy who had none. 

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