Dusty's Tough Start to Life

Urgent help needed for Dusty!

Dusty was brought to Paws when she was 3 weeks old and taken by a foster mom. All was well until early June when dark gray, tar-like streaks began appearing on the floor.  Easy to tell what it was by the "bouquet", eek - poop!

Our vet did x-rays, enemas & meds in the hope of easing her "constipation".  She would cry in pain, even vomit, when trying to poop.  The problem persisted despite medication so she was taken to a specialist.

After a night in the ER, an ultrasound of her lower GI tract revealed a rectal stricture is the problem.  As she grows, the worse it would get. A balloon dilation broke the ridge so the surgeon is hopeful it lasts.

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Campaign Details

Hi, my name is Dusty, I am a motherless kitten who needs your help. Will you listen to my story? I was very young when I lost my mother, but I still can remember curling close into her warm body. She was raising me and my litter mates in the attic of an old country home. But one terrible day, she stepped on a broken ceiling tile and fell to her death. Before the house angels could reach us kittens, I tumbled down too. They were quick to pick me up and check me over and -- being incredibly young – I was able to shake off the shock of that plunge. Little did I know that I was going to suffer very soon.

I had a good couple of weeks, but sadly, as I grew it become apparent that – although I used my litter box -- I couldn’t pass a good poop. Nearly about broke my Foster Mom’s heart with the woeful meowing that came along with my efforts.

After a couple of trips to the vet, and no improvement, I saw a specialist who really knew their stuff about kitty poop problems. That kind doctor discovered I have a rectal stricture, which narrows my poop shoot and makes it difficult to, you know, poop.

As you see from picture, I am a soft and gray kitty with a belly just calling out to be rubbed. But I tell ya, a belly rub would feel soooo much nicer if my bottom wasn’t hurting. And it will only get worse as I grow.

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