Nutrition for Babies in Poverty

Nicaragua and Clinica Verde need your help! Clinica Verde helps impoverished mothers provide better nutrition for their infants and children. This is so important, because 1 in 4 children in Nicaragua are malnourished, and that number is even higher in rural areas. We provide a new model of care that improves the diet of impoverished families, working with expectant mothers to teach them about health, nutrition and self-esteem. Please help us!

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  • $1,190Raised
  • $8,100Goal

Thanks for your amazing goodness!

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  • Update

    We've raised a little over $1,000 so far but we need your help to spread the word so we can reach our goal. Together we can make a difference. Please help us change lives by telling friends and family! Thanks again for all your amazing goodness!

  • Update

    We've raised a little over $1,000 so far but we need your help to spread the word so we can reach our goal. Together we can make a difference. Please help us change lives and give $20 now! Thanks again for all your amazing goodness!

Campaign Details

Please help us change lives by starting with mothers and babies to transform the health of families in need!

Clinica Verde focuses on preventive healthcare through a whole health approach to care, beginning with nutrition education and sustainable farming by providing an organic crop production and agriculture learning space for the local community. In 2007, Clinica Verde opened a health clinic in rural Nicaragua and found that many of the health problems could be prevented or treated through improved nutrition and education. Clinica Verde developed a community garden that serves as a teaching tool and helps to provide nourishment for patients, students and employees. The project allows an already successful model of a bio-intensive, organic gardening to more effectively serve more families and children in the community.

The garden at Clinica Verde serves as an educational and training garden for mothers to learn about sustainable, organic agriculture methods to promote more balanced diets. In addition, the program teaches young mothers about their bodies, the stages of pregnancy, the importance of breast feeding, the need for a diverse diet to ensure optimal health for their babies and children, and a sense of empowerment and pride in the role of being a mother.

Support our Prenatal Nutrition Program that educates and supports expectant mothers to provide for, care and nourish their babies during and after pregnancy. The $8,100 we need is a small amount, but will go a long way in Nicaragua to keep this program going into the future. Please help.

Details and General Objectives of this Program

  • Reduce childhood malnutrition and nutrient deficiency
    • Monitor pregnancy of mothers and prenatal nutrition habits, teach mothers the importance of diverse diets and distinct nutrients for children; teach mothers to identify symptoms of malnutrition and obesity in children under 5 years of age
  • Increase rate of exclusive breastfeeding
    • Devote one reunion to the impact of EBF and consistently encourage participants in their aim to practice EBF for the first 6 months of life; monitor and evaluate EBF habits and obstacles during participant home visits when the child is 3 months old
  • Increase knowledge of nutrition and bolster diet diversity
    • Offer participants increased access to vegetables via a cooperative garden, weekly healthy lunches and accompanying nutrition lectures that will include the impact of diet diversity on health, the impact of distinct vitamins during pregnancy and will discuss means to overcome financial barriers to diet diversity
  • Foster pride in pregnancy, respect for the amazing ways the body changes during fetal development and empower mothers with knowledge of the birthing process
    • Present fetal development with enthusiasm and awe at the human body's ability
    • Encourage mothers to pay attention to the unique ways their body is changing in response to the growth of their child
    • Devote one reunion to time with a gynecologist who will discuss with mothers and prepare them for the birthing process
  • Create a community of pregnant mothers
    • Allow time for discussion and flexibility in program schedule to their interests
    • Invite mothers back 4 months post-program to share lunch at Clinica Verde, discuss their post-partum lives
  • Increase interest in home gardening techniques
    • Present importance of diet diversity and demonstrate how a garden can easily augment diet diversity
    • Dedicate one reunion to a presentation by GSE staff on bio-intensive farming and budget differences with and without a home garden
    • Offer participant families the opportunity to volunteer in our CV-GSE bio-intensive garden in exchange for harvest produce and/or for assistance in creating a home harden


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