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Honor Your Literacy Heroes

At the Cape Fear Literacy Council (CFLC), we envision a community where all adults have the language and literacy skills they need to succeed. Read more.

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What difference can one decision make? Overwhelming odds can be challenging for anyone. When feeling that there is too much to do tests our confidence, making one decision can be life-changing.

This is the case for many adults who enroll at the Cape Fear Literacy Council. Whether their goals are reading medication labels and notes from their child's teacher, getting a driver's license, or earning U.S. citizenship, adult learners who succeed at CFLC decide to persevere.

What difference can one gift make? Supporting the Cape Fear Literacy Council will help us keep CFLC's programs FREE for adults ready to transform their lives and contribute to a stronger community!

Did someone special inspire your love of reading? Was it a grandparent or favorite teacher who introduced you to your most beloved characters? Honor your literacy heroes by adding a dedication to our Wall of Giving any time between November 1-30. Share the love with friends and family, and help us raise vital program funds!

Cape Fear Literacy Council

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Cape Fear Literacy Council’s mission is to provide personalized education so adults can transform their lives and contribute to a stronger community. We envision a community in which all adults have the literacy and language skills they need to succeed.

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