The Underdogs of Brick City Rescue

Brick City Rescue Inc. (BCR) established in 2017, is dedicated to finding loving, stable homes for all adoptable homeless dogs with a main focus on Bully Breeds. We encourage compassionate and responsible behavior and supply training, shelter and medical care to all of our animals through our foster care program. We also serve as a community resource by promoting responsible pet ownership and providing education regarding breed discrimination.

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Campaign Details

Brick City Rescue (BCR) was founded by Stephanie DeVivo and Tanya Kudlacik in August of 2017. Since then we have worked tirelessly to save the less unfortunate, the underdogs, that would have otherwise never been given their second chance. We primarily pull from local, inner city shelters as well as larger high kill shelters in the tri-state area. We are a foster based rescue that provides our foster families with all the necessities they need to help the dog flourish and succeed in a home environment. Sadly, some of these dogs have never been in a home so it is our job to help the dog acclimate to its new life. We rely deeply on our fosters to create a stable and loving environment for our dogs with the help of our support. BCR is now a team of four with the addition of Maritza Martinez and Pam Williams who have helped us tremendously over the last year and have given their time and paramount dedication to us and the dogs we rescue day in and day out. Our volunteer program is equally wonderful by supporting via fundraisers, adoption events and promoting daily on social media. But in order to keep this engine running, we need funds to continue to provide the overall necessities for each dog we save such as medical care, training, supplies for each foster family and food. Every dollar helps us help them. Please consider a tax deductible donation towards the underdogs of Brick City Rescue and our mission to #savethemall. We need you, our supporters, to continue on this path of saving the bully breed, the most misunderstood breed and continue to speak for those who cannot. If you cannot donate, please share because just one share can help one dog. 

Thank you in advance for you support, love and generosity!





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