Saving Casper

Urgent help needed for Casper!

Please, help us to save Baby Casper! He was born with a severe hard and soft cleft palate. These genetic abnormalities are very serious and can lead to a death without a reconstructive surgery. Casper's growth and quality of life are affected and he needs a palate repair to be able to eat and drink on his own, enjoy tasty treats and just be a happy puppy. Please, donate whatever you can and share this with your friends and family.



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  • Raised: $6,536
  • Goal: $6,000

Campaign Details

Baby Casper was a throw away puppy, offered for free on Craigslist. The backyard breeder did not want to bother with a puppy unable to eat or drink on his own. Casper and his little sister were born with severe hard and soft cleft palate defects due to inbreeding.  Unfortunately, Caper's sister did not survive and died at only 3 days old. We still don't know how tiny Casper, unable to properly latch on his mom, and pushed away by stronger pups, got to live to 6 weeks old. This is when one of RDR's foster moms saw him on CL and scooped him away to safety. Casper was underweight at only 3lbs, with puppy pyoderma on his tiny belly, severely dehydrated and with aspiration pneumonia. The vet who saw Casper that very same day suggested euthanasia as a kind option, but we knew Casper was a little fighter and were not going to give up on him!

Due to severity of his conditions, the surgery can be only performed by a certified surgeon with a vast experience in fixing puppies like Casper. Dr. Reiter from UPenn confirmed that Casper can have a successful surgery, given that we can keep him healthy and alive until he is old enough to have the surgery. This just tells us how serious Casper's conditions are.

Casper is now 14 weeks old and could have a surgery next month. Please donate whatever you can and share this with your friends and family. You can play a role in saving Casper's life and for that we'd be forever grateful. Thank you!



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  • Update

    Thank you so much for helping to raise money for Casper's surgery! We now have all the funds needed! His surgery is scheduled for April 11th at UPenn in Philadelphia. The surgery will be performed by an amazing Dr. Reiter who is known for his successful cleft palate repairs on difficult cases. The pre-surgery blood tests and chest x-rays will be done at our local vet clinic, a few days before the surgery, to make sure there is no infections and Casper has a green light to proceed. We are very hopeful and cannot wait for Casper to be able to enjoy all the puppy things! We could not have done it without your support! 




  • Update

    Thank you so much for helping us find the money to take care of Casper!  Thanks to you, we’re more than 70% of the way there!

    We just have one more favor to ask of you.  Please share Casper’s campaign with others that you think might want to help too.  That’s the way we’ll reach our goal and get Casper all fixed up!


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