GivingTuesday Example Campaign

This example is to show you the cool standard look of the GivingTuesday custom template. This would be what you'd want to use if you want to write all your own copy and use your own photos or video.

You'll see there's also an option to take things a step further. We've created a template with special compelling copy and photos already there for you. It's ready to go or you can edit the copy to your liking and/or delete photos or add photos or video of your own. You can be up and running in minutes with an awesome campaign!

Both templates use the custom GivingTuesday paw hearts and color palette.

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Campaign Details

This is where all the details about your campaign will go. You can go as long as you like and can include photos here too.

So what are you waiting for? Click here Create a GivingGrid and get going! You can start fundraising right away!

GivingGrids are free to create AND we don't charge you fees!!


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