Gifts for Simsbury Families

This Christmas we wanted to focus our efforts to support our Simsbury and Tariffville Neighbors. 

 $10 would buy iTunes or Google Store Gift Card

$15 would buy a novelty T-shirt

$20 would buy crafting kit

$25 would buy a new board game for the family

$40 would buy an Action Set or an adventure collection

$50 would buy a Gift Card to a local Restaurant 

$60 would buy a Lego Set

$75 would buy your own Baby Yoda

$100 would buy Wireless Earbuds


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  • $2,213Raised
  • $2,000Goal

We're one big team on a mission to fill this GivingGrid!

Campaign Details

By donating to this effort, you are giving a child in our community the opportunity to engage in beneficial play. Children need play to learn social, emotional, and physical skills. They need to play to learn how to engage with their friends, their emotions, and their bodies. A Child at play, is a child preparing for the future. 

Equally important, by donating to this effort, you are supporting single and struggling Parents in our community. By taking this one weight off the shoulder of a struggling parent you allow that parent the opportunity to make a choice. Perhaps they choose to be home instead of taking on an extra shift at work. Or maybe they choose to get that car fixed instead of putting it off until the next paycheck. 

 Whether or not you choose to donate, remember to share our page with your friends! Who doesn't love a chance to help their neighbors? 


Trinity Church, Tariffville

About the Organization

This year at Trinity, we want to keep the Christmas giving a little closer to home. We are partnering with Simsbury Social Services to be Christmas Angels for FIVE Simsbury Families. The money you donate will be given to Simsbury Social Services, who will then purchase gifts cards for each member of the Family. We do not know who the families are and they do not know who is donating, so we will be Christmas Angels, to our neighbors.

11 Church St
Tariffville, Connecticut 06081
United States

EIN: 06-6051129



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