Bonded Bassets: Wilbur & Charlotte

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Bonded Bassets: Wilbur & Charlotte

These two hounds are why we do rescue! Wilbur & Charlotte are 2 bassets among 15 animals abandoned in a filthy hoarding home. They are safe now with us! Read more.

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These two hounds are why we do rescue.

Last June 2019 news broke on a hoarding case in Kingsburg, CA. 2 bassets were among 15 animals abandoned in a filthy hoarding home. We sent volunteers IMMEDIATELY and offered assistance and foster homes, but they were considered evidence and would not be released.  That was 8 months ago. 

This week, the case FINALLY settled and a conviction was the outcome.  Another local rescue group grabbed these two as soon as the hold was lifted, got them out and networked them to us here the next day.  As this case was made public, we are including the public photos of the life they led in the past.

Yesterday was vet day!  So here is where we stand with their plan.  Exam, full vaccinations, and a treatment plan began.


Wilbur 68# (Should be about 50#) Charlotte 64# (healthy would be about 45-50#) Both have skin infections and dermatitis need to be addressed immediately, along with parasite control, ear infections, eye infections.  Nails will take awhile as the quicks are so long.  Once we get the diet and skin plan under attack, we will need to monitor by blood & urine panels and as soon as we can - the HORRIFIC DENTALS will begin.   Both have lumps, growths, lipomas - it's going to take months but those teeth need to be hit first and not sure how many we can save.  Charlotte's tongue was damaged long ago, she actually is missing part of it and it's split - almost "forked".  Yes, they are train wrecks, yet these two are SO HAPPY TO BE FREE. 

We've started them on the road to recovery, it's going to be a daily process.  Help us fund that process and show them that life beyond a hoarding situation is BEAUTIFUL just as they will be. The bad stuff is behind them, they are very bonded at the moment which is fine.  We have a huge hole in our hearts from the dual passing of Sam & Dude.  These two stepped right into that spot and are making it bigger.  Charlotte is weaving her web and Wilbur is ready to SHINE.

Help us make these dreams come true.

Basset Rescue Network Inc. at Daphneyland

About the Organization

Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland is unique! We focus on nutritional, medical, social and behavioral rehabilitation of basset hounds (and a few bloodhounds) with the goal of placing them in forever homes with a loving family. We house the hounds on THEIR 5 acre property in Acton California.

6221 Shannon Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

EIN: 32-0198167



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